The home stretch, the last stand, the final push – Thursday. There was a faint hope this morning that some of us would be sleeping at creek tonight but by midday we can all tell that it is not to be.

It is the very nature of this kind of project work to present emergent and progressively harder challenges as it unfolds. The stakes (the accumulated effort of the teams) are raised by the very fact that there is a deadline; no one wants their existing work to be for naught. So we work. We lash poles together, we saw exotic angles into wood to handle complex joins, we schlepp more pallets, we return to the forest of yellow jackets and sneak away with the trees we felled but could not take on Tuesday.

IMG 1810
Jared learns and applies the official Tinkering School lashing technique.IMG 1820
Lauren, and really every member of the Kablooie team, is making furniture.

IMG 1827
Blake gets the Piki house ready for the day’s work.

IMG 1831
Ana decides to check and see if Prince Charming, or more likely, Prince Interesting is trapped in the slug she found.

IMG 1832
Yes. She actually kissed it.

IMG 1841
But the slug remained a slug, and perhaps she found her Prince Interesting after all.

IMG 1849
Sophia and Blake have crafted a fire pit for the Piki palace.

IMG 1863
Connor and Gever have been working on finishing the deck of the Nooi house.

IMG 1865
The Piki team tries to figure out how to turn a paraglider that was cut open at a previous Tinkering School session into a house wrap.

IMG 1870
Sophia catches the furniture bug and sets about cutting some chair legs.

IMG 1872
“Impact or torque?” asks Ana. Choosing the right kind of cordless driver is important.

IMG 1873
Not wanting to be caught sitting on her keister, Josie carves out a good solid seat for her chair.

IMG 1874
Gretchen explains how the new ladder is going to work to Gever.

The new decking level at the Nooi house requires a very custom piece of joinery. Connor decides to carry the pole all the way up to the barn to make it happen sooner rather than later.

There, he learns to use the scrollsaw and bisects the log end to make a flat face on the wood.

And, with some help from Chane, Gretchen takes a turn as well.

IMG 1883
Like a butterslug (that’s a cross between a butterfly and a slug), the Piki house is transformed by the descent of the colorful nylon housewrap.

IMG 1887
Unfortunately, the corner posts of the Piki house are not accommodated by the new housewrap; they must be sawn off.

IMG 1893
And Josie is just the gal to do it.

IMG 1897
Portrait of a Tinkerer: Blake takes a break.

IMG 1900
The Butterslug (aka Piki house) is almost sleep ready.

IMG 1902
Rarely seen, and once thought to be extinct, the Butterslug feeds on an exotic diet consisting solely of tool-carrying tinkerers.

IMG 9668
The inside of the Butterslug is just as magical as the outside.

IMG 9661
And by it’s very blueness, the south wall is a place of unexpected delight for the visitors.

Chane and all the girls meet up to work with Gretchen on the Nooie house. “It’s been hard, being the only girl on this team,” says Gretchen.

Sophia is mastering the cordless driver.

Ana is glad that we have some ear protection available when she has to use the impact driver.

IMG 1913
Daniel helps Josie get her chair legs screwed on.

IMG 1917
The twice-daily ride to and from the creek continues to be a source of great joy for all involved.

IMG 1922
Chicken at rest.

IMG 1936
Josie beguiles another hapless chicken.

IMG 1937
With an eye to the future, Connor and his racing chicken ponder the accomplishments of the day.