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Tinkering School

The Blog of the Sleep-Away Program at Elkus Ranch – Updated every night during camp

Month / July 2013

Day Three – Tuesday Stands for Test Track

Should you wake up one day and find yourself mysteriously transported to a breakfast table somewhere in Northern California, one clue that you are at Tinkering School may be the abundance of knife-wielding children. There’s a mere three work hours until we head to the track, so everyone is eager to get back to work […]

Day Two – Monday Stands for Work

There are things that happen at night at Tinkering School, in the dining room, after lights-out. With cards. Sometimes, before you get to work, you need to indulge your creative impulses. Liora feels that her puppet needs a nose. “I just need to finish this chapter…”, says Griffin, tool in hand. Gever describes the first […]

Day One – Ladies and Gents, Make a Seat

Tinkering School is an odd mixture of traditions and improv. We used to expect campers to root around in the boxes of tools and materials of their own accord when they needed something. Over the years we saw less exploration and more reliance on a small subset of very well known items. To reverse this […]

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