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Tinkering School

The Blog of the Sleep-Away Program at Elkus Ranch – Updated every night during camp

Month / July 2014

Day 4 – Beach Madness

A day at the beach. A chance to stop, refresh. Clear our minds, focus on new problems. Today, no-one will step foot in the barn. Wednesday Beach Day has long been a tradition at Tinkering School. Right as we hit the middle of the week, the climax of our projects, we stop. This week, stopping […]

Day 3 – Camaraderie

After a quick breakfast, the group heads for the barn, ready to get back to work, to tackle the frustrations and problems we faced yesterday afternoon with fresh eyes and minds, and to make progress. Josh, bearer of the compost bowl. But before work can get started, the compost must be dispersed – the perfect […]

Day 2 – Problem Solvers

Rise and shine! Josh and Tricia are up and ready for the morning. Monday always seems to be our earliest wake-up, tinkerers, both young and old, full of anticipation and excitement. After breakfast, we head for the barn for the grand reveal of this week’s project. But before we hear the surprise, Josh reads off […]

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