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Tinkering School

The Blog of the Sleep-Away Program at Elkus Ranch – Updated every night during camp

Category / 2013 Session 1 – Seniors

Day Seven – The Race is On!

The day opens with a persistent drizzle, just to remind us that we are in Half Moon Bay not Shangri-La. As is the tradition on the last day of camp, we pack everyone up and strip the beds – the longer it takes, the less time we have to fine-tune the race vehicles, so it […]

Day Six – Vroom, vroom

Friday. The last full day of Tinkering School. Hey, why not start something new? At Thursday night’s dinner Gever announced that the Friday project would be two-wheeled vehicles, four teams, and a timed race. Yay! But first, everything that we have built will have to be taken apart… After deconstruction, we have a quick pow-wow […]

Day Five – Playing with Fire

Our hearts are filled with optimism as we throw ourselves into the project that has bedeviled us for the past four working days. “Can you get the rope around that branch, right there?” asks Gever. “Sure,” says Althea. So, for the umpteenth time, Althea climbs a tree. Kevin hands Althea the rope. Gil feeds the […]

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