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Tinkering School

The Blog of the Sleep-Away Program at Elkus Ranch – Updated every night during camp

Category / 2013 session 4 – Juniors

Day Six – Very Functional

We did it. Made from a drawing, raw creative energy, some 1×4 wood, a few bolts and plenty of screws. Today all 4 teams successfully send their rolling body suits from the barn all the way to the bridge. Megan takes her roll suit for a test run. Nooi Successful test tun from Tinkering School […]

Day Five – Very Nearly Functional

The morning hits like a ton of bricks. Beach Day is nearly as exhausting as it is rejuvenating. The day of play is balanced by the aggressive power of the sun. Either way, there is proper tinkering to be done as we find ourselves stuck on the precipice. “We are basicly done” becomes an anthem […]

Day Four – Beach Day

There is a lot of love for our beach day tradition. This week we needed it. The tinkering required for our project is fine and full of little adjustments. Even with down hill tests underway, a break from the project is a good idea. It reduces stress, and makes room for the brain to do […]

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