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Tinkering School

The Blog of the Sleep-Away Program at Elkus Ranch – Updated every night during camp

Category / 2014 Session A – Masters

Masters Class Epilogue

Tinkering School is built on the notion that given an interesting problem, real tools, real materials, and the opportunity to make mistakes and learn from them, children can do almost anything. I told the large team of tinkerers and collaborators assembled in the dining room at Elkus Ranch on Sunday night that we have built […]

Day Six – Setting Sail

After last night’s late test run, we know exactly what needs to be done before launch. Reenergized, we set to work rewaxing places on the pontoons that had leaks. And, of course, the deck had to be made ready for launch- a team climbs on top of the trailer to mount the benches, the tiller stand, and the mast socket, so that when we reach the water, we will be able to slide the boat right in.

IMG 2619

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Day Five – Today we Float, Tomorrow we Boat

We woke up this morning ready to get to work – even though we’ve been behind schedule, we still want to test this afternoon – and that means waxing all four pontoons, building four more oars, and finishing the rudder/tiller steering system.

After breakfast, Gabriel and Yoel share Gever’s iPad in order to get a look at the blog – after all, we’ve accomplished a lot these past three days, and it’s fun to think back. And look at pictures.

IMG 1079

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